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beach problem

Posted: Fri May 31, 2024 11:57am
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Whats happening in sonbou beach by duck pond.


Posted: Sun Jun 9, 2024 1:09pm

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Posted: Sun Jun 9, 2024 1:09pm

The tranquility of the Prat, a treasured haven in the heart of Menorca's beautiful landscape. For over 60 years, I have had the privilege of visiting this enchanting island, and with each passing year, I have grown more affectionate towards its rugged charm. But, alas, my recent experience at the Alaior council has left me feeling dismayed and perplexed.

It appears that some self-proclaimed "green expert" has decided to meddle with the natural balance of the Prat, a pristine swamp that has been untouched for centuries. The notion that the Prat is "overfull" is nothing short of preposterous. As someone who has had the privilege of witnessing the ebb and flow of the fresh water at Son Bou, I can confidently attest that it is a natural phenomenon that has been occurring for as long as anyone can remember.

To suggest that the Prat needs to be "fixed" by bringing in expensive machinery to dig up its sandy shores is not only misguided but also a sacrilegious act against the very essence of nature. The Prat is a unique and fragile ecosystem that has been preserved for generations, and it is our duty to protect it, not to tamper with it.

I can only assume that this well-intentioned but misguided individual is unaware of the devastating consequences their actions would have on the delicate balance of the Prat's ecosystem. The destruction of this natural habitat would not only be a loss for the environment but also for future generations who would never have the opportunity to experience its beauty and tranquility.

As someone who has spent many happy holidays appreciating the beauty of Menorca, I implore the Alaior council to reconsider their decision and respect the natural balance of the Prat. Let us preserve this precious gem for future generations, rather than attempting to "fix" it with machinery and artificial solutions.

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